Why I Have Repeatedly Re-Watched and Will Keep Re-Watching Being Mary Jane



It is finally Friday evening!! Where the couch potatoes at?? Most women have watched or at least heard of the TV series Being Mary Jane. The character, MJ (Mary Jane) is played by Gabrielle Union who I must say is my ultimate girl crush. How old is she again? That body right there is body goals all the way 🙂 🙂8-1

Back to why I am an advocate for this series so much.

  1. She struggles with things that most career women struggle with every day but eventually comes out a winner

She is a star and is excelling in her career. It, however, did not start that way. She had to work hard and prove herself in order to get to the top. Watching the wins she gets and the mistakes that she makes has enabled me to figure out how to fight for what I want and be successful without losing focus of the end goal.

  1. She has sabotaged most of her relationships- Learning lessons for some of us

Mary Jane can’t seem to keep a man. Have you ever met this guy who is handsome, makes you extremely happy, seems to anticipate all your needs, has his life together (career, finances, right friends, right hobbies), gives you multiple org***s, puts up with your family and supports you but you still find yourself looking for that one thing that might be a deal breaker? I have definitely been here.

  1. The fashion

OMG! The stylist really kept me on the edge of my seat with Mary Jane’s outfits right from Season 1 to 4. The work outfits, the casual ones and even the booties she wore on several nights when at home were really impressive. I have to admit, I have gotten inspiration for some of my really good outfits by watching this show.


  1. The handsome men

From Omari Hardwick to Michael Early. The TV show does not run out of handsome men to drool over. I loved the bare chest scenes and the come-hither smiles. I know this is TV and definitely not real but if I was in MJ’s position and had to kiss some of those guys……. Well, let’s just leave it at that. A girl can only dream, right? 🙂


  1. I totally relate with her

Everything that Mary Jane struggles with is what everyday modern career women struggle with. The anger outbursts, the guilty pleasures, the insecurities where love is concerned, the uncertainties of our career paths; this list is endless but I find myself identifying with her every step of the way. I also get ideas on how to deal with the issues that I deal with that relate to those depicted in the show.

  1. The friendships are awesome


MJ and her best friend Kara are definitely FRIEND GOALS. The fights, helping each other through breakups, the pep talks they give each other when down; who doesn’t want such a friend? Seriously though; women should start being better friends to each other.

Why men should watch it

Most career women will sometimes sabotage their relationships because they are not very sure what they want even when they love a guy with all their hearts. Men who feel that they do not understand what drives the actions of their women might learn a lot by looking at things from Mary Jane’s perspective.

They will get an insight into the things women struggle with (other than relationships) and become better equipped in helping their women navigate. Everybody wins. Happy woman=Happy Relationship 🙂



Have a lovely week y’all

5 Career Lessons I Have Learnt By Watching Scandal’s Olivia Pope


Consider-It-Handled-Coffee-Mug.Most-Toasty_1024x1024I can be a couch potato when I want to be. I love TV shows. My recent favourite was ABC’s Scandal. If you know me, then you know who my obvious favourite character in the show was. Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington of course. I fell in love with Olivia in the first episode. That is the kind of spirit every woman should have especially if you want to excel in your career.

Here are a few boss lady tips to borrow from this awesome character

  1. Always wear the white hatABC's "Revenge" - Season Three

Do good. It never pays to hurt people or to be malicious. The white hat (virtual hat) is worn by people with good hearts; who want to help other people and make life better. In whatever you choose to do and whatever life throws at you, choose to do good.

  1. The world is not your friend

People will let you down. Even your closest friends and family will not always be there for you or meet the expectations that you have of them. While it is great to have friends and family that you can trust, do not always expect them to be there for you. They will sometimes hurt you but life will have to go on. Remember how many times Olivia and her father had a falling out? What about that time she went for months without speaking to Abby? Did she sit and feel sorry for herself? Definitely not. As a career woman looking to make it big, you shouldn’t either.

  1. What you wear speaks volumesscandal-then-now-ftr.jpg

What you wear speaks volumes. Dress the part. If you want your peers at work to respect you, dress like a woman who knows her worth and who is serious about her career. I am not saying you break the bank for designer coats and pantsuits. Do it within your budget but choose to slay every time.

  1. There is always an angle

Be analytical. When your male colleagues at work want to pick your brain about a huge project at work, analyze their questions before you give your answer. Women are at a disadvantage because the comments that we make at the office are scrutinized by everyone. Most people will support you. There are however those few who always have an angle and are looking to make you look bad. Look out for those ones.

  1. If they want a part of you, they need to earn it55f3446a7c3b813f7f1f0a3001c6464e76b7199b01a38fe1b99725b285d92e35

One problem that most career women have is the fact that we chase after our careers for so long and when we notice our peers getting married and having babies, we settle down with people who have not earned us. You are worth as much as you choose to be. Do not give your time to people who have not earned it even if they are the president of the free world ;-). You are worth everything and so much more. Set your standards that high.




Mane Attraction– Yvette Kemi


Credits: Mane Attraction

I came across this blog as I was looking through the internet for natural hair styling tips one Sunday morning. I couldn’t stop reading. This lass is engaging and very stylish. If you are one of those people who think natural hair is cool and all but you have no idea where to start, she will help you make the decision.Lets just say once you read her posts, you will never look at natural hair the same way. As Yvette says in her blog “Going natural is not just a fad, it’s a lifestyle!”


From Curves With Love– Anita Mogere


Credits: From Curves With Love

From curves with love is a fashion blog aimed at encouraging plus-size girls to be comfortable and fashionable in their skin. It is not a strictly natural hair blog but there are great natural tips you will learn from this diva. She is also very stylish wich will be a plus for you as a reader since you will get natural hair tips as well as style tips.


Kurly kichana– Nyachomba and Mary

kurly kichana.png

Credit: Kurly Kichana

I started reading this blog in my college days. This is the first blog I subscribed to when I started out as a blogger. If you are looking for a blog that will give you insight on the best practices for your natural hair, best products to use and protective styling tips, this is the blog to read. Not only do they write about natural hair, there are a lot of good reads on beauty and lifestyle as well.


Just Rioba– Winnie Rioba


Credits: Justrioba.com

Winnie is a relatively new blogger but her blog is something else. She generally talks about the natural hair journey. The struggles, the pains, the challenges that you have to deal with everyday as a natural sista. Her posts have a comical twist to them that you just cant resist. She is new but definitely worth checking out. Just Rioba is the natural hair blog of the future to say the least.

African Tresses and Treats– Sheila ndinda


Credits: African Tresses and Treats

Sheila needs no introduction. She is the queen of natural hair style tutorials. I love her You Tube videos. Sheila makes anyone want to go natural. She made me glad I am natural. I don’t do the fancy styles much (work restriction) but when I get the chance to rock my natural in a non-professional way, her You Tube channel is my first go to. She is also very good with DIY hair care products. That’s another reason you should subscribe to her blog and you tube channel.

Well girls, my work here is done. I hope i’ve given you some reason not to give up on your African tresses.

Chao, Judith



vip_vasi01_0119144Denise Vasi  is major #wcw material right there. She is a model and actress from Brooklyn New York. This woman is awesome! The first time I watched her on VH1’s Single Ladies I was blown away. First, because she is major  #bodygoals and second because of her on TV style. Now, I know there’s a stylist on the show and all but dayuum! Girl can dress!!

Here are a few reasons why Denise features on our STYLE CRUSH SEGMENT today.

Her eyes

usanetworkamericancharacterphotographicymbke8fv4ygxIs it weird that I really like her eyes? I hope not. If you look at her photos and especially her eyes, you will know what am talking about.

Her character in VH1’s Single Ladies

Her character in single ladies is amazing. In another life, I would have been Raquel Lancaster. The character is something I relate to. A girl trying to make it big in a city following her dreams of a career in the fashion industry. I am not in the fashion industry per se but everything Raquel is something I relate to.

Hair and make-up

Her hair does not need words to describe. I especially love her in a pony tail. Which style do you prefer on her? Let us know in the comments section below. Now, my favorite part. Make-up. The day I will know how to do my make up LIKE THAT!!! That is the day I will take a million selfies and join snap chat.

Her body

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Denise Vasi’s body is to die for. I wouldn’t give my life for it to say the least but if I knew what exactly one does to achieve that, I would do it. Am not that bad myself (have you seen me??) but I know I can do better especially with the abs.

Her style

Check it out for yourself. Be it on TV or off the camera, Denise slays every time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have it.

I know we are now in February but this being my first post this year, let me just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Love, Judith



indexbnJanet Mbugua is one of those women I look at and see the person I want to become a couple of years from now. There aren’t many of those these days. She is beautiful, talented, strong, ambitious, fun and with a big heart. Janet is one of Kenya’s TV sirens who have actually inspired me a lot. Her website Janet Mbugua is amazing. I could read it over and over again and just get inspired because that is what happens with every paragraph. I could go on praising this power woman forever but below are some of the reasons why she makes it to our style crush segment this week.




I have never ever seen Janet in an outfit I did not like. I follow her on Instagram. I do stalk her profile sometimes so that I can get some inspiration on what to wear. When she is at work, attending an event, at home, running errands(that is how much I follow her)- stalker much! Anyhow, this lady SLAYS every single time. Her outfits are always on point. If I was given a chance to raid someone’s closet, it would definitely be hers. The problem would be her height. I would be a tad short for her clothes; but then again, who cares? I especially liked her #sneakermum blog posts.



Am not that big on weaves. I wear them every once in a while but I prefer braids. Janet makes the weaves look effortless. Whoever does her hair knows just what fits her. She always looks amazing especially with the side bangs. Her make-up is also really good. If your makeup is on point, I will definitely hand it to you. I admire a woman who uses make-up to compliment her beauty.



If you have read her website, you can tell that she writes those pieces from the bottom of her heart. I always get inspired when I read her site. Her journey, especially when she was pregnant with baby Huru is really inspiring. She shares the challenges that career, marriage and motherhood pose to the modern woman and that has definitely made me realize how strong a woman can be.



Have you seen those photos of her together with her hubby Eddie and their son Huru. Those photos are #goalsfordays. They make me really want to have a family of my own.

Okay enough. I may have this huge crush on Janet but I am still very straight.

Enjoy the read

PHOTOS: Google Images, Janet’s website and Instagram page