Why I Have Repeatedly Re-Watched and Will Keep Re-Watching Being Mary Jane

It is finally Friday evening!! Where the couch potatoes at?? Most women have watched or at least heard of the TV series Being Mary Jane. The character, MJ (Mary Jane) is played by Gabrielle Union who I must say is my ultimate girl crush. How old is she again? That body right there is body … Continue reading Why I Have Repeatedly Re-Watched and Will Keep Re-Watching Being Mary Jane


Denise Vasi  is major #wcw material right there. She is a model and actress from Brooklyn New York. This woman is awesome! The first time I watched her on VH1’s Single Ladies I was blown away. First, because she is major  #bodygoals and second because of her on TV style. Now, I know there’s a … Continue reading STYLE CRUSH/WCW- DENISE VASI


This week, we are crushing on Kelly Rowland. I have loved Kelly since my pre-teen days when she sang Dilemma Featuring Nelly. Let me just mention that I think they make a great couple. Okay, moving on. Kelly used to be part of girl crew Destiny’s child. She is Beyonce Knowles’ cousin and is married … Continue reading WCW/STYLE CRUSH: KELLY ROWLAND


I love Tamar Braxton. In another life, I would have been her. Well, I little friendlier and with less attitude but still her. This woman has it all. Attitude, confidence, class… you name it. Tamar is the youngest sister of music icon Toni Braxton. To me, she stands out the most. The reasons why I … Continue reading WCW/STYLE CRUSH: TAMAR BRAXTON