The future belongs to those who are burning up with passion; those who are fully loaded with fuel; those who are unstoppable.

Bulldog Determination by James G. Maina

The organization I work for recently started giving books (read-gifts) on Women’s and Men’s days. I got my “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma copy on women’s day. This is a book I had been wanting to read for a long time. I will definitely share my review here once I am done reading it. I was later asked by someone in our HR department to review a book that was in the running to be given to the men in celebration of Men’s day. That’s how much I love to read 😊 . I am a book person. I read the book and gave my thoughts. Surprisingly, I don’t know what book they went with eventually. I’ll remember to check.

I read Bulldog Determination in one sitting and I must say, there’s some deeply inspiring stuff in there. The book’s tagline is: Combating tough times with unyielding mental toughness. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

James G. Maina gives some really insightful tips that I feel will prove to be very useful to both genders in terms of making it in life and building wealth.

Below are some quotes from the book.

  • If you don’t learn how to hunt, you will soon become the hunted.
  • Expect challenges.
  • Don’t whine.
  • If you stay around problems for too long, it becomes your normal. You get used to it.

James gives 13 tips that he swears have worked for him with real life examples that I feel you should definitely find time and read about.

  1. Don’t lose your passion
  2. Endurance- Don’t lose your ground
  3. Be a fan of yourself- Set yourself on fire
  4. Action- Nothing moves until you make a move
  5. You can’t achieve it if you aren’t obsessed with it
  6. You can’t afford to be weak- It is the weak animal that gets eaten
  7. You can have what you want- If you really want it, you will get it
  8. Develop maximum momentum- If you lose money you might get it back. If you lose momentum, you will not
  9. Set your own deadlines
  10. Become unstoppable
  11. The posture you take determines the impression you create
  12. Dream big
  13. Everybody gets tired. Not everybody expires

The book has some really great pointers that have helped me get perspective on how to achieve my goals; especially financially.

The downside to this book is that it has quite a number of grammatical mistakes. I love to read and I notice these very quickly. Most of the time, I stop reading a book if it has grammatical mistakes. I didn’t do that with this one. I read it cover to cover. It’s worth checking out. After all, were promoting our own. Let me know what you think about the book if you get to read it. I hope you do 😊 😊

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Love and light,


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