What Is the Worst Relationship Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

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Do you have those colleagues and aunties who you avoid eye contact with when in the same room because you know the next thing they will mention is your singleness and why you are the cause of that?? I do.

The worst part of having these people in your life is that most times they do it from a point of love. Their thought process goes like ……Maybe she has no idea how to keep a man. I should educate her…….. Why is she giving up just because he cheated once?……. Her standards are too high. At this rate, she will end up single!

You are not alone. Almost everyone who has crossed the 25 years of age threshold has been given dating advice by women her senior. I talked to my friends and compiled a list of the worst dating/relationship tips ever!!! Listen to my podcast on this HERE

Have you been told any of these?

  1. Do not show him that you are smart.

Apparently, men are intimidated by smart women. Is this true? The men here can tell us if this is true. Please do not pretend that you are dumb just to keep a guy or to get one to like you. Eventually, you will get tired of putting up this show. Believe me, pretending not to know much about stuff will drive you crazy. Do you want to go insane trying to massage someone’s ego?? No? Okay. You have your answer.

  1. You are too choosy. Lower your standards

If you have a realistic check-list, please don’t start canceling qualities that are important to you just because you feel that time is running out. I believe when God allowed for us to have preferences we were allowed to participate in making choices on who we want to be with. Do not settle for someone who has qualities/characteristics you are not sure you can live with. Also, keep in mind that there is no perfection out there. Remember, God makes everything happen at His own time- Ecclesiastes 3:11.

  1. Your personality is too strong!

If I understand the meaning of the phrase strong personality correctly, someone with a strong personality is able to get their voice and opinion heard. They do not let others walk all over them and stand on their beliefs without wavering. Does this sound like a bad personality? If he can’t deal with a strong woman, he has no business being interested in you in the first place. I am just saying.

  1. You are the wife. You have the house and the kids. What are you worried about? A little cheating??

Does this even need explaining? Someone staying married to you should not feel like a favor. There is no shame in leaving a cheating spouse, partner or boy/girlfriend. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to stay in a relationship or marriage that is already dead. If they love you, they will be faithful. It is that simple.

  1. Are you waiting to get to 40 then start thinking about marriage?

This never gets old, does it? Like I mentioned up there, God makes everything happen at His own time- Ecclesiastes 3:11.

  1. Get pregnant. This will bring the two of you closer

A baby is not going to make someone love you or put a ring on it. People stay because they want to. If they are manipulated into this, how long do you think it will last?

  1. Don’t introduce your partner to your girlfriends and female relatives.

If someone wants to cheat on you, nothing will stop them. Even when women make moves on men, ultimately, the decision is 100% made by the man. Men do not get stolen. They decide to be stolen 😊

  1. Fight for your man

If you have to fight to keep him/her, then they do not belong to you. Someone who wants to stay with you will do just that.

  1. Get out more

And go where? I always have this question in my head when someone tells me I will be single forever because I barely leave the house.

  1. Use dating apps

They have worked for people before. I’ve heard success stories. My fear of serial killers and creeps will however not allow me to go here. Too many movies? You think? Nah! Dating apps are a no for me.


Any bad dating advice you have been given that did not make it to this list?

We would love to read about it in the comments section below.

Love and Light,


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