We are finally in 2019!!

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Are you excited? I am super excited. 2018 was quite the year. Growth, challenges, success, new friends, achievements and learning lessons. This is what 2018 was all about.

Do you have any New Year resolutions yet? I have a few.

  1. Work out more. (Already downloaded a workout App and all 🙂
  2. Eat more greens and fruit.
  3. Finish reading the New Testament. (I am proud to say that I am almost halfway!)
  4. Invest more
  5. Write more
  6. Get out more. (This will be a tough one. I love my company)


See; I have quite the year planned out. At the end of the day though, GOD’s plan prevails. We can make our own plans but it is HIM who has the final say. You know what? I know it is going to be an amazing one. This is because I trust him to answer my prayers according to his will; which is always with my best interests at heart. As Jeremiah 29:11 says ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.’ Is there a better promise than this?


Taking stock

Listening to Nyashinsky. He is definitely my favourite artist of 2018. I might even have the tiniest crush on him 😉 I hope he has more things coming in 2019. I particularly loved Hello and Free. I am also listening to a lot of Travis Greene. Quite the talent there I must say.


Eating a lot of cake. 2018 has been a year for celebrations. I have had so much cake that I have gotten to a point of guilt. Talk about trying to get a flat tummy while eating cake on the regular.

Wearing a lot of suits. I had some time off in December and I had nothing casual to wear over the holidays. I need to restock my wardrobe with casual outfits. Seriously!

Reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. One word- INSPIRED!!

Trying to go out more. My friends tell me I will die single because I barely leave the house. I only use two routes when I leave my house. To work and back and to church and back. Except when I have to visit my parents.

Learning to work with excel. I used to hate working with excel. It’s actually kind of fun. You should try it.

Focusing on myself and my personal growth more. When you are the first born, you tend to worry about your siblings and parents and their well-being that you forget about yourself. This needs to change this year.

Wondering if I should cut my hair. I only do braids and the first week after I have them installed is usually torture. Every time has me saying how after this I am cutting my hair. Is it worth it? Still trying to figure that out.

Planning to visit at least two fun places every three months. Talk about peer pressure! Seriously though, I need to leave the house more. Can you believe someone sent me this meme!


Writing a book. Yes! You read that right. I started writing this book last year and it is coming on nicely. Just need to make a plan on how I will set aside time to work on it and probably publish it soon.

Loves, I pray that you have a great 2019 filled with God’s blessings, love, joy, peace and happiness.



HELLO, 2019!

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