Why I Have Repeatedly Re-Watched and Will Keep Re-Watching Being Mary Jane



It is finally Friday evening!! Where the couch potatoes at?? Most women have watched or at least heard of the TV series Being Mary Jane. The character, MJ (Mary Jane) is played by Gabrielle Union who I must say is my ultimate girl crush. How old is she again? That body right there is body goals all the way 🙂 🙂8-1

Back to why I am an advocate for this series so much.

  1. She struggles with things that most career women struggle with every day but eventually comes out a winner

She is a star and is excelling in her career. It, however, did not start that way. She had to work hard and prove herself in order to get to the top. Watching the wins she gets and the mistakes that she makes has enabled me to figure out how to fight for what I want and be successful without losing focus of the end goal.

  1. She has sabotaged most of her relationships- Learning lessons for some of us

Mary Jane can’t seem to keep a man. Have you ever met this guy who is handsome, makes you extremely happy, seems to anticipate all your needs, has his life together (career, finances, right friends, right hobbies), gives you multiple org***s, puts up with your family and supports you but you still find yourself looking for that one thing that might be a deal breaker? I have definitely been here.

  1. The fashion

OMG! The stylist really kept me on the edge of my seat with Mary Jane’s outfits right from Season 1 to 4. The work outfits, the casual ones and even the booties she wore on several nights when at home were really impressive. I have to admit, I have gotten inspiration for some of my really good outfits by watching this show.


  1. The handsome men

From Omari Hardwick to Michael Early. The TV show does not run out of handsome men to drool over. I loved the bare chest scenes and the come-hither smiles. I know this is TV and definitely not real but if I was in MJ’s position and had to kiss some of those guys……. Well, let’s just leave it at that. A girl can only dream, right? 🙂


  1. I totally relate with her

Everything that Mary Jane struggles with is what everyday modern career women struggle with. The anger outbursts, the guilty pleasures, the insecurities where love is concerned, the uncertainties of our career paths; this list is endless but I find myself identifying with her every step of the way. I also get ideas on how to deal with the issues that I deal with that relate to those depicted in the show.

  1. The friendships are awesome


MJ and her best friend Kara are definitely FRIEND GOALS. The fights, helping each other through breakups, the pep talks they give each other when down; who doesn’t want such a friend? Seriously though; women should start being better friends to each other.

Why men should watch it

Most career women will sometimes sabotage their relationships because they are not very sure what they want even when they love a guy with all their hearts. Men who feel that they do not understand what drives the actions of their women might learn a lot by looking at things from Mary Jane’s perspective.

They will get an insight into the things women struggle with (other than relationships) and become better equipped in helping their women navigate. Everybody wins. Happy woman=Happy Relationship 🙂



Have a lovely week y’all

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