5 Career Lessons I Have Learnt By Watching Scandal’s Olivia Pope

Consider-It-Handled-Coffee-Mug.Most-Toasty_1024x1024I can be a couch potato when I want to be. I love TV shows. My recent favourite was ABC’s Scandal. If you know me, then you know who my obvious favourite character in the show was. Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington of course. I fell in love with Olivia in the first episode. That is the kind of spirit every woman should have especially if you want to excel in your career.

Here are a few boss lady tips to borrow from this awesome character

  1. Always wear the white hatABC's "Revenge" - Season Three

Do good. It never pays to hurt people or to be malicious. The white hat (virtual hat) is worn by people with good hearts; who want to help other people and make life better. In whatever you choose to do and whatever life throws at you, choose to do good.

  1. The world is not your friend

People will let you down. Even your closest friends and family will not always be there for you or meet the expectations that you have of them. While it is great to have friends and family that you can trust, do not always expect them to be there for you. They will sometimes hurt you but life will have to go on. Remember how many times Olivia and her father had a falling out? What about that time she went for months without speaking to Abby? Did she sit and feel sorry for herself? Definitely not. As a career woman looking to make it big, you shouldn’t either.

  1. What you wear speaks volumesscandal-then-now-ftr.jpg

What you wear speaks volumes. Dress the part. If you want your peers at work to respect you, dress like a woman who knows her worth and who is serious about her career. I am not saying you break the bank for designer coats and pantsuits. Do it within your budget but choose to slay every time.

  1. There is always an angle

Be analytical. When your male colleagues at work want to pick your brain about a huge project at work, analyze their questions before you give your answer. Women are at a disadvantage because the comments that we make at the office are scrutinized by everyone. Most people will support you. There are however those few who always have an angle and are looking to make you look bad. Look out for those ones.

  1. If they want a part of you, they need to earn it55f3446a7c3b813f7f1f0a3001c6464e76b7199b01a38fe1b99725b285d92e35

One problem that most career women have is the fact that we chase after our careers for so long and when we notice our peers getting married and having babies, we settle down with people who have not earned us. You are worth as much as you choose to be. Do not give your time to people who have not earned it even if they are the president of the free world ;-). You are worth everything and so much more. Set your standards that high.


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