10 Tips For Taking Care of Your Chiffon Items


This post was first published on it’s sister site. Thought i should share it with readers of My Fashion Diaries as well.

Hope you learn something.

  1. No soaking- soaking chiffon for long periods will ruin the fiber. Try and wash the clothes in the fastest way possible to avoid it being in water for long periods.
  2. Do not machine wash- the material is very light and thus using a washing machine on it will definitely damage it.
  3. Wash colors separately- most of us think that chiffon does not transfer color. Well, it does. Try and wash different colors separately especially if it is the first time to avoid color transfer and staining.
  4. Never ever use hot water- cold water is ideal for chiffon. Hot water will end up shrinking the fabric and your clothes might lose their shape and even start threading.
  5. Use a mild detergent when washing- harsh detergents weaken the fiber which we all know is very delicate.
  6. Do not wring vigorously- chiffon dries up very fast. Even when the weather is humid, the chiffon fabric does not retain water. There is no need for wringing it vigorously when hanging as this will cause threading and sometimes even shrinking.
  7. No direct sunlight- chiffon materials fade fast. Especially if they have very strong colors. Try to hang your chiffon items away from sunlight to avoid fading of colors.
  8. Iron with the least temperatures possible. If you have to iron your chiffon items, do this with the least temperature. Chiffon tends to burn very easily and once burnt, there is no way it can be repaired.
  9. Do not spray perfume directly- some perfumes contain harsh chemicals which will ruin chiffon if you are not careful. Hold the spray bottle a few inches away from the cloth when spraying perfume.
  10. Keep away from metallic and sharp objects.


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