What are the most versatile shoe colors?

We all need a pair or two of shoes that we can wear with almost anything. There are shoe colors that can be really constricting and there are those that you can wear with practically anything in your wardrobe. It is important to invest in a pair or two of very versatile colors so that on a day when you are not very sure of which pair to go with, the versatile pair will sort you out.


This is a very versatile color. Black shoes can be worn with anything. Very few colors do not go well with black. This is a pair of shoes that you will pair with outfits that have got all dull or all bright colors. The only colors that will not really blend with black are brown and pastels. I will also advise against wearing black shoes with an all-black outfit. These should be reserved for funerals.


Brown is another very versatile color. You can wear it with almost anything. The only color that should never be worn with brown shoes is brown. Brown shoes and an all brown outfit will not clash per se but will definitely not give you the fashion statement that you are looking for. Have you ever notice that brown sandals can however be worn with literally anything?


This is the color after my own heart. Is there a color outfit you cannot wear with beige shoes? Maybe white. But I think you can still find a way of making it work. Whatever shade of beige you have, this color can be worn with anything.


Is there a color that cannot be paired with red? I am yet to see one. I recently discovered that I can wear my red shoes with literally anything. Except red itself of course.

What other color shoes do you think are versatile? Let us know in the comments section below.






Denim on Denim


Denim on denim looks are the latest trend on the fashion scenes. Denim pieces are being sold in major clothing stores and thrift markets all over the place. They can be worn to literally anywhere these days. Some have even incorporated denim into the formal scenes. I cannot wait to try that out!

Celebrities can show you how to wear the denim coat HERE

A denim shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe.


PS. I’ve had this shirt in my wardrobe for over a year with no idea what to wear it with or where to wear it to!


This look is inspired by my college days. When I did not have to wear a suit. I had the freedom to wear whatever I wanted and slay in it. Blue jeans were my favourite back in the day. I used to especially love wearing jeans with vests. A white vest is the best.


I wore this look to a casual work-related event and I have to admit, I enjoyed my day


About the look

Shirt: A boutique in Kisii (can’t remember the name)

Jeans: Thrift market in Nakuru

Neck piece: Shee-art (Instagram)

Shoes: Boutique in Highway Towers- Nakuru





IMG_20170717_130922Anyone else feeling that the year is moving too fast? It is, actually. We are already in the second half of 2017. How are those New Year resolutions coming along? I hope you are making progress and that 2017 is all you dreamt it would be.

I am loving 2017. Full of ups and downs, full of changes- which are welcome of course, challenges, new friends and the feeling of better things coming 🙂 🙂

IMG_20170717_130928Taking stock

Listening to: Malaika by Nyashinsky.  Who else loves this song as much as I do? I am telling you this is a love song on a whole other level. Forget Westlife(No offence). The person that comes to your mind when you listen to this song- That is the person you need to be with. Trust me.

Another song am really loving is Willy Paul and Alaine’s I DO. I am not a huge Willy Paul fan but I have to agree that this song is a hit and I am definitely playing it at my wedding.

Walking: for at least 30 minutes every day. I read somewhere that this might be all you need to keep that stubborn extra fat at bay. Plus, walking is actually very relaxing

Wanting: to try and make homemade bhajia. I am starting to embrace making my own food at home. It is fun and you get to discover a lot of things. It is also very healthy. Prevents eating a lot of junk food.


Excited: about every second I spend with my niece. She loves selfies (that explains why we get along). She is learning to speak and it is so cute how she pronounces words.

Loving: Maureen Bandari’s 10 Ways to Slay. I downloaded this handbook the moment it came out and I have to admit that I have learnt quite a lot from it. You do not need a million bucks to look like a million bucks for sure.

Wondering: what the rest of the year has in store for me. Isn’t it exciting when you do not know what the future holds but the prospect of it being something amazing makes you smile and look forward to time actually moving very fast?

Trying: matte lipstick. I’ve always thought of it to be too drying. I’ve however changed my mind lately. A matte lippie always looks so dreamy.

Following: Ian Mussilli. This is a stylist I discovered recently on Instagram. I love his style. And the locks too (this is a huge compliment coming from me because locks are a turn off for me). Plus, he is quite easy on the eye 😉

Hoping: to one day own a Porsche- My dreams are valid!

Praying: for God’s divine healing for my mum who has been ill for quite some time. Remembering: to always thank God for the gift of life and good health as well as his immeasurable blessings.

Watching: season 4 of Reign. I loved Queen Mary and ‘the royal watchman’ together. Cute couple. Hope they end up together- can’t wait to finish this series, it’s kept me prisoner a while. Aren’t medieval time dresses so fashionable??- One of the reasons why am hooked on Reign.

Crushing on: Michelle Ntalami– CEO Marini Naturals. She is serious goals. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll understand why I love her so

Sipping on: Kericho Gold Pure Green Tea. This stuff is good. Clear skin, flat tummy, no weight gain no matter what I eat. You should try it. I heard it also boosts immunity.

Wearing: a thrift mini. I never really wear minis but you have to admit, this one is pretty cute.


Looking forward: to taking a trip to the coast in Madaraka Express. Don’t want to be the last of my friends to ride the train!!

Have a lovely Sunday evening and an amazing week ahead as we approach August. Remember to be peaceful and to pray for our country y’all. Whatever the outcome, we are still one Nation.

Outfit details

Ankara mini- Thrift market in Nakuru

Shoes- Random Boutique at Highway Towers Nakuru

Glasses- Baus Optica




How My Body Has Changed After Taking Green Tea Every Day for the Last Month


Before we get started, check out this articles I wrote on Best Foods for Glowing Skin

Most Health and beauty enthusiasts will give credit to green tea when sharing tips on best practices for health and great skin. I always read and heard about the wonders of green tea though I never took it seriously until I personally started taking the tea.

Green tea has amazing benefits that those who do not take it are greatly missing out on. Since I started taking green tea, the changes in my body and skin are noticeable. People around me actually notice and comment on the changes.

This is how my body has changed since I started taking green tea

My waistline has become trimmer

Who doesn’t want a flat tummy? Let’s be honest here. Everyone wants to have a flat tummy. Researchers say that regular intake of green tea boosts breakdown of fat and thus reduces body fat. It also speeds up metabolism which is a great way of burning fat in the body. Most of the fat is usually concentrated on the midsection. I have noticed my tummy getting flatter each week as I continue to take at least two cups of green tea a day.

My overall health has improved

Some may say it’s psychological but I know for a fact that I feel healthier. Green tea contains vitamin C which is an essential vitamin in the body for overall healthy and a good immune system. Ever since I started taking green tea regularly, I haven’t had a gloomy day. Who doesn’t want their immune system to be superb? Green tea is also said to contain antioxidant and antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. A drink that contains all these benefits to the body will definitely keep you healthy. Start taking green tea regularly and you will thank me later.

Green tea is said to have properties that combat cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, allergies, and depression among other illnesses.

My skin has become clearer

This is very noticeable. I have struggled with acne before. Since I started taking green tea, I have seen a noticeable change. My acne has cleared and my skin tone is becoming even. I actually have a certain glow that I haven’t had I a while.

Green tea aids in elimination of toxins from the body. Most of the time, toxins inside our bodies cause us to have breakouts. When the toxins are flushed out, the breakouts start to clear and thus we get to enjoy healthy skin.

Green tea slows down aging and prevents wrinkle formation. It is a super drink for those who are looking to have amazing skin without struggling so much.

Want to know what other foods will give your skin a glow? Be sure to check out the post – Best Foods for Glowing Skin

Love 🙂 🙂



27-Perfect-Mothers-Day-Quotes-5Mother’s Day is here with us again. I love this day. Who better to celebrate than a mother? Come to think of it, 3/4 of my friends are mothers. My twin sister is a mother. Almost everyone I am around these days is a mother. And I definitely cannot wait to be one 🙂 🙂

Their strength is unmatched, their kindness underrated, their support immeasurable and their love knows no bounds. They will not judge, or deny you as the rest of the world will. You can always count on a mother.

As we celebrate this mother’s day, I want to celebrate every woman out there. Mothers, aunties, big sisters, future mothers, wives (you are mothers to your husbands in a way), grand mothers and even our great grand mothers.


May God always Bless you

May He always Keep you

May He always Guide you

May He always Protect you

May He always give you Hope

May He always give you Courage

May you Never Lack

May all the Love you gave to us
come back to you a hundredfold
on this special day!

My Favorite Mother’s Day Quotes:

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”  Stevie Wonder

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” Theodore Hesburgh

“Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.” Gail Tsukiyama

“I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.” Maya Angelou

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”  Jewish proverb

We shouldn’t wait for Mother’s day to celebrate our mothers. Every day you are alive is in a way something to thank your mother for.

This year I celebrate my mum by praying for her to get better and become stronger. By visiting her and spending some quality time with her and preparing her favourite meal for her. I’ll probably throw in a sweater or two. July is almost here.

What are you doing for your mummy this weekend?


With Love 🙂 🙂





There is nothing like a bad life. We only have bad days (Unknown)

Reading: Lightning by Sydney Sheldon. I had recently cut back on how much fiction I read. This book is however taking me back to my “novel addiction” years. Yup! I was an addict. I used to read a novel during preps on an exam night in high school. (Hi, am Judith and am a novelholic – That’s how bad it was)

Watching: Vampire Diaries Season 7. I love sci-fi shows and I love Ian Somerhalder(“Damon Salvatore”). I have to admit it saddens me that this TV series ended but am happy I have one more season to go before saying goodbye. (Sniff sniff 😦 😦 )The-Vampire-Diaries-Looking-for-Extras-for-Season-8

Spending: more time reading and subscribing to online Prayer and Bible study websites. You learn so much from these sites and on the upside you get to read Bible verses which is very hard for most of us to do with our busy schedules. Having Bible verses delivered to your Email every day is a good way to go if you are too busy to go to church and want to stay close to God.

Trying: to wear my natural hair more often. Am a braids person. You see me going to the salon, it is to undo my hair, get it washed and treated and then plaited again. I haven’t had a weekend to myself recently so not time to braid. Apart from the combing and styling hustle in the morning, I have to say I enjoy wearing my natural hair.

Back to:  taking aimless selfies when alone. I used to do that a lot then I stopped for a bit. I might be going back again. Oh well, we all have those guilty pleasures. I guess now I told mine.

Compiling: a motivation challenge series dubbed #30 days of motivation on my Instagram. I feel motivated, do you? Check out my posts and one of them might just touch you. Plus I really needed some motivation this month.

Improving: On my eating habits. I’ve actually started cooking in my house and I’ve kinda reduced my junk food intake. (You should be clapping right now!!- I never cook) Plus, am trying out something new every day. Fun, right?

Remembering: to pray every day. Prayer works miracles. I have been dealing with a lot in the past few months and though the struggle is still there, prayer gives me comfort. Knowing that the most powerful being on the planet has got your back is a light in the darkest hours and I am slowly learning that you can completely let go and leave everything to him and you will be just fine.

Loving: Formal dresses. I think official dresses are the coolest thing ever. This has a lot to do with the fact that my job requires of it. Still, formal dresses can be quite fashionable to say the least! If you find the right size and pair with the right shoes.

Wanting: a new car. This is long overdue. Ideas?? Please don’t say Vitz (don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the car. I actually think it is really cute. But really!!??)

Admiring: my boss. The woman is young, really nice and very stylish. She drives a Jaguar!! Yes. A JAGUAR. I literally want to be her when I grow up.

Knowing: “like” is not enough for me. I am not going to be with someone because I like them. I want to be in love, to be addicted, to feel like I cannot live without him. I want to be with someone who rocks my world, who makes my heart skip a bit when he walks in to the room, who brings a smile to my face when I see his call, someone I will cry over. I want passion, I want to be head over heels in love. I don’t want to just LIKE! It’s not good enough.

Following: Janet Mbugua’s blog. This woman is inspiring. I can relate to her posts and I always look forward to reading new items on her site.

Also following: all the African blogger websites I can find. I have discovered so many in the past few months. Some are motivational bloggers, others talk about clothes, style, make up, cooking and home making among other things. A love to read and learn new things so this is really an exciting thing for me.

Curious: about career photographers. Lyra Aoko, Ben Omwaka of #Twenderaundi- You might also know him from the recent SGR Photography Competition among many others; what they do seems so cool. Am not really an outdoor person but in another life, I would have definitely been a photographer.

Yearning: for a weekend gate away. It has been like forever since I had a fun weekend. With work and a lot of other things to worry about and take care of, I can’t remember the last time I had weekend full of fun.

Sipping: on my second cup of lemon green tea. Helps to clear skin and many other things that I’ll talk about on a future post.

Signing: off since tomorrow is a work day and the start of a long weekend. A girl’s gotta have her beauty sleep. Right?

Have a beautiful Labor Day Weekend.


Much Love 🙂 🙂



Happy Valentine’s Day from My Fashion Diaries

(Disclaimer: Mushiness alert!!) How fast time moves. Valentine ’s Day is here with us again. Am a sucker for love so this is definitely a day I usually look forward to. I might be currently single but I am human just like anyone else and Valentine’s Day brings with it some mushiness that I am definitely not immune to. Everyone has a secret Valentine’s Day wish list. Some of us want a romantic dinner, some want a whole weekend gate away, some of us just want chocolate and flowers while some want to be proposed to. If you ask the women out here what they want their men to give them as a celebration and declaration of their love, you will be surprised.

If I was in a relationship, my wish list would be very simple.

I would want the man in my life to come home to me, hold me in his arms, kiss me on my forehead and tell me he loves me. I would be genuinely very content with that. Chocolate is not up for discussion though. He will have to come home with my favorite Cadbury white chocolate.

Hoping my future husband is reading this (hides face) so that we won’t need to have those awkward “what do you want for Valentine’s this year” conversations.

Now that I am single, what I want for Valentine’s is a bit complicated. This is because I have to gift myself.

It’s a good thing I will be working on this day. Otherwise, my friends would have been forced to go for pizza and mani-pedi dates unwillingly. There is no way am staying home on Valentine’s Day feeling single.

Now that I will be working, my evening will have to be awesome. I will definitely buy myself white chocolate( with love from me to me) and if I could, I would give myself a kiss on the forehead. Now that I can’t, I will remind myself just how amazing I am.

I will buy myself some pizza. (don’t ask me why pizza. I know it’s not one of those romantic foods; but heck I love it so it stays on the list).


I will get home, shower, wear the coziest sweats I own,  eat my pizza in bed with a series I have been meaning to catch up on then sooth myself to sleep with my white chocolate and a good old romantic novel. And whallah! Valentine’s Day is over.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments section below

Psssst!! Quick tips for singles who don’t want the Valentine’s day blues to get to them

  • Look your best- Slay
  • Buy something for yourself
  • Do not stalk your exes on social media
  • Do not wear red
  • Do not get drunk



Love, Judith